How Long Does Almond Milk Last?

tuffi-si-otiti-noHow long do alternatives to milk last? Milk alternatives, depending upon things like their packaging, can last a month beyond the date printed on the package. Once opened, milk alternatives will stay fresh for a week. How Long Does Soy Milk last? See the table below for a list of many milk alternatives. How Long Does Rice Milk Last? How Long Does Almond Milk Last? How Long Does Coconut Milk Last? The shelf life of all these milks are discussed below.

Milk alternatives have seen an explosive growth in recent years as a result of the increasing awareness of lactose intolerance as well as the rise in veganism and general diet consciousness.

Just like there are many different kinds of milk, milk alternatives come in a variety of types and flavors (vanilla, chocolate, etc.) and can even be found in the organic section of the grocery store. This explosive growth is of great benefit to a significant population of people who lack the sufficient enzymes to digest regular dairy products.

Although the question as to whether or not these milk alternatives are healthier or less healthy than regular milk is debated, the increased shelf life and relaxed storage requirements are enticing to many consumers whether or not they are lactose intolerant. However, milk alternatives are still perishable goods.

The shelf life of milk alternatives is influenced by a variety of factors, such what was used as the substitute for milk, its exposure to light and heat, its packaging and how the milk alternatives are stored. So, how long do popular milk substitutes such as soy milk, rice milk and almond milk last?

When properly stored at or below 40°F, containers of milk alternatives (soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk) last for the time periods indicated in the table below: